Proceso, LLC.

It is no secret that power supply is a major driving force of businesses. An increased need to power the technology and systems that run our complex world makes renewable energy more important than ever. Knowing the importance of renewable energy, We have partnered with Proceso, LLC. to pursue its interest in creation of high density processing and mobile datacenters delivering via its network of brokers, partners, suppliers, and clients. We are working towards providing a better alternative to fossil fuels and quality of development currently used in datacenters.

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With Proceso’s future locations in Houston, Texas, Colorado, and Pennsylvania, we intend to build and power our data centers in these locations with renewable energy. This will help companies lower the cost of power to their clients, including providing hosting and colocation services to various growing industries such as cryptocurrency mining and the gaming industry.

The crypto mining industry uses a vast amount of energy to process and reward its miners. This reward system is based on the difficulty level and power being used. As most of these mining companies are outside the United States, they are exposed to higher risk with no reassurance their assets are secure. However, Proceso will help in securing the investments of companies in industrial crypto mining by providing a local source of power and infrastructure development. Using our partnerships with crucial level players in the industry, we will help your company in reducing power consumption and creating secure crypto datacenters in the United States.

The gaming industry is one that needs to evolve to remain relevant always. There are current challenges of latency, and Proceso will address them by building next level infrastructure in key places. An integral factor in bringing this idea to life is the right power source and data centers. We intend to use this to deliver high-quality experiences that will make the gaming industry better.

The plan is to tackle issues common to this sector and find solutions while becoming one of the key players in the development of next level datacenter sector.