Based in Nevada, ISWH is a holding company of diversified partnerships which focuses on lines up across the board with a common goal of brand communication from developers, consultants, design engineers, contractors, subcontractors, equipment providers, installation providers, end-users, and service providers. We use our strategic expertise to establish market-leading companies and partnerships in sectors that are highly relevant in today’s marketplace. In our experience, we have discovered that small and medium-sized companies need to be able to scale into a broader framework to be relevant and become a leader in their own industry setting. Our role is to use software innovations and our resources to ensure that these companies can achieve optimal success in their chosen market space.

ISWH is a diversified holdings company focused on growing companies. Our diverse operational interests include technology partnerships, with the focus on being powered by renewable energy, cryptocurrency mining equipment, home healthcare that provides caregivers to the chronically ill, wellness and restoration services, and the development of simplifying supply chains and logistics management.


About What we do

ISWH has now established itself as a technology, home healthcare and wellness company with a focus on reshaping different sectors across various industries. We use state-of-the-art nanotechnology processes to develop a wide range of effective nano-infused wellness and restoration products provide home healthcare services with our Paradigm Home Health company and source renewable energy for the purpose of furthering our technology projects via our partnership with Proceso. We are in the business of creating successful companies and partnerships in an array of disruptive industries, such as cryptocurrency mining via our joint-venture agreement with an official distribution partner of Bitmain. With our impressive records, this won’t be any different. Apart from this, we partner with companies who help us in our quest to scale production and multiply the impact of its margins.