Dear Valued Shareholder,

Allow me to begin by expressing our deep gratitude for your loyalty and continued faith in this Company. 2018 was a monumental year of reorientation for ISBG. We began by setting our sights high, but also by acknowledging the very real challenges that lay in front of us.

Our first important move was to shore up confidence in the marketplace through completing the Companys first full audit of financial records and moving our listing off the pink sheets and onto the well-respected OTCQB Venture Market Exchange.

We next addressed our cap table and balance sheet, buying back significant stock and eliminating or restructuring outstanding liabilities in negotiations with our major noteholders. Those moves gave us the leeway necessary to invest and grow.

In addition, we also diligently worked with Canadian officials and had the Cease Trade Order in place from the Alberta Securities Commission officially revoked, meaning that trading in shares of ISBG was reinstated in Canada, allowing Canadian investors the opportunity to invest in the Company once again.

Our most important two strategic moves were to establish a Health and Wellness division (already on pace for significant growth in 2019) and to partner with Bengala Technologies in the development of a sophisticated supply chain management solution to streamline costs involved in our brand incubation model.

In short, we left 2018 in significantly better shape than we entered it stronger, more stable financially, and far more capable of sustainable growth.

Thus far in 2019, we have begun to capitalize on that momentum by partnering with two key players in the CBD products marketplace (Canbiola and BioPulse Labs) to help drive the success of our Health and Wellness division.

Each of these strategic partnerships Bengala, Canbiola, and BioPulse is an important piece of the puzzle in our mission to maximize the return on investments we have made, and will make in the future, in each of our primary segments: beverages, CBD, and logistics technology solutions.

In 2019, we will continue to prioritize targeted growth. Given the powerful potential that lies ahead in CBD, hemp, and cannabis following the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill in December, we will continue to pursue appropriate opportunities (including possible M&A activity) in our Health and Wellness division. We will also continue to build out the Besado story by connecting it to the rich heritage of Mexican tequila distillation.

As a final note, the Company has no plans of a reverse stock split.

We do not need to take this step and can see no advantage to it. Instead, we will focus our time and energy on limiting liabilities, generating shareholder value, and capitalizing on the powerful momentum we established in 2018.

Best Regards,